KitCAD i3 file://localhost/ TEST version [3]

Testing of new i3json loading arrayTesting of new KP2 file loading
Images: Testing of JSON array loading (Left), and Active-X warning shows after loading (Right)

The KitCADi3_file_localhost_test_w32_setup.exe (TEST Setup) has been updated to use JSON loading (instead of the 2007 KGC -> Active-X method [2]).  Another change was to move the 3D preview/link page for HTML browsers (XHTML version was not altered).

An affect of these changes for the KitCADi3ie5.exe TEST version is the Active X warnings have moved – allowing a Drawing to be displayed before the Active X prompts; The current known warning dialogs have moved from the inital program startup back into other parts of the program (if required by user).  The only part causing file loads is the library system with interaction that will display Active-X warnings – which will be removed during possible future updates to the Library loading Systems (had to update Kp2html.exe first).

The Current Library loading process that will generate an Active-X warning can be seen while showing the 3D preview webpage from within the KitCAD i3 webform Object editor iframe. And when a user Draws a Selected Object onto the KitCAD plan view. Both these user actions will currently display an Active X warning dialog.

To alter a Drawing users will need to answer YES to the prompt for allowing the Active X to load KPD Object items onto the plan view (as described above).

Updated Kp2html.exe :-
*Added IE=6 meta tags where needed for ACT5.5IECT with file://localhost/ and IE=8 online versions
*removed blacked-out dialogs for file://localhost/ (done using IECT fix above, IE=6)
*Added i3json array support into kp2html.exe
*Updated kp2html.inf with option to turn off this update; pageJSON=1 (1, enabled by default – uses i3*.script files. The pageJSON also requires pageEDITOR=1 [2])
*Added i3json KitCAD EXT 1xx support to kp2html.exe
*Added i3json KitCAD KPT 22x Shapes support to kp2html.exe
*Tested i3json array loads with other browsers
*Improved kp2html.exe speed for converting Kp2 (and Kpt) file types

NOTE: An Active X warning dialog may still be shown to users before they are permitted to run VML webpage content (depending on the users security settings)

5 Responses to “KitCAD i3 file://localhost/ TEST version [3]”

  1. Admin Says:

    Corrected error message of missing file/s (vcl40.bpl); found while testing changes for Post C++ Source fix for KitCADi3ie5.exe

  2. Admin Says:

    Updated version 1.0 UAC support, see UAC support for more information.

    Altered catching option for KitCAD i3 KGC server downloads to allow KitCAD i3 exe upgrades without a need of clearing catche before getting the new download.

  3. Admin Says:

    Corrected 2 bugs in i3header.script and i3footer.script of:-

    1) Open a drawing with UBO.kpd on plan, get Error Message of expected hexidecimal digit. See Bug report.

    2) Prompt Message dialog of ‘isOk’; seen during non-standard shapes has been removed.

    Re-uploaded TEST version with the date of 30th June, 2010.

    These files will be updated again with code (still under testing) that removes Active-X warning dialogs (seen after file load when adding new object items to kp2 files). The i3header.script and i3footer.script files will have JSON loading code put into seperate JS files when testing is finished for the removal of Active X warning dialogs in new_drawing.html and _i3foei.html pages is completed.

  4. Admin Says:

    Updated C++ source code for Kp2html.exe and KitCADi3ie5.exe to make and use JSON formatted JS files for KPD object item data.

    Testing on win95 with IE5.5sp2 failed.
    win98 not tested
    winNT4 not tested
    winME not tested
    win2K not tested
    Testing on winXp with IE8 (current) passed.
    win03 not tested
    winVists not tested
    win08 not tested
    win7 not tested
    win?? not tested (52 versions? X IE versions 5,6,7,8) 🙁

  5. Admin Says:

    Retested new code on win95 with IE5.5sp2 and PASSED 🙂

    Because of minor bugs, and very bad code – the KitCADi3ie5.exe kp2html.exe IO option for KPD Object Item loading has been disabled. Kp2 File loading is still enabled.

    A link to enable KPD Object Item loading by Kp2html.exe can be found on the Option page.

    Uploaded version/s:-

    KitCADi3ie5.exe –
    kp2html.exe – (KP2, with new KPD support)

    See Release notice