KitCAD i3 account management with Mediawiki

A example for Mediawiki 1.6.9 and 1.11.2 log-ins has been added to KitCAD i3. Mediawiki users can change passwords and e-mail account preferances (after KitCAD i3 has been linked into a Mediawiki).

There is an extension to the Mediawiki login screen for OpenID 1.2.3 support (only with PHP5 and Mediawiki 1.11.2) that is not really supported by KitCAD i3 at this time. Changes for OpenID 1.2.3 are made in the Mediawiki extensions Consumer.php file, see

The Mediawiki 1.12.0 example for KitCAD i3 does not have OpenID support.

Example files can be found in the KitCAD i3 mediawiki folder.

5 Responses to “KitCAD i3 account management with Mediawiki”

  1. Admin Says:

    Mediawiki 1.12.0 shows the correct KitCAD i3 Login ID (was set to OpenID – a bug).

    The Mediawiki 1.11.2 KitCADi3_pref.php and KitCADi3_auth.php files both used an OpenID interface which also may not be included or recives upgrade past the Mediawiki 1.12.0 KitCAD i3 release; for this reason an OpenID interface is not supplied with this version of Mediawiki 1.12.0 for KitCAD i3.

    The updated Example files can be found in the KitCAD i3 mediawiki folder.

    To enable OpenID for Mediawiki KitCAD i3 users simply make sure to set
    global $kpOpenIDEnabled; $kpOpenIDEnabled = $response->identity_url;” after the KitCADi3_pref.php and KitCADi3_auth.php REQUIRE statement/s.

    NOTE: There seems to be a problem with the $kpOpenIDEnabled value not being gotten from the global scope. If using OpenID edit the KitCADi3_pref.php and KitCADi3_auth.php files and manualy set the OpenID section from:

    $notinuse = "0";
    global $kpOpenIDEnabled;
    if ($kpOpenIDEnabled == "0" || $kpOpenIDEnabled == ""){
    $notinuse = "1";
    } else {
    $urlreserved = array( "/http\:/i","/file\:/i","/https\:/i","/mailto\:/i");
    $unencodeduser = preg_replace($urlreserved, "", $kpOpenIDEnabled . "@KitCADi3");
    $unencodedpass = preg_replace($urlreserved, "", $kpOpenIDEnabled);

    to something like:

    $urlreserved = array( "/http\:/i","/file\:/i","/https\:/i","/mailto\:/i");
    global $kpOpenIDEnabled;
    $unencodeduser = preg_replace($urlreserved, "", $kpOpenIDEnabled . "@KitCADi3");
    $unencodedpass = preg_replace($urlreserved, "", $kpOpenIDEnabled);

  2. Admin Says:

    Mediawiki 1.13.1 requires the 2 modified special page files to be moved into the subdirectory of /include/specials/

  3. Admin Says:

    Updated to Mediawiki 1.14.0 but have found that Password updating causes errors with the KitCAD i3 login system. Passwords are set to nothing while the Authorisation ID is kept.

    Suggest remarking the Mediawiki KitCAD i3 files until a later date (after a fix is uploaded/re-tested)

  4. Admin Says:

    Changed KitCADi3_pref.php file from using ‘wpNewPass’ to ‘wpNewPassword’. Have not re-tested 🙂

    If problem is un-resolved then remark the Mediawiki KitCAD i3 file commands in the /include/specials/ subfolder files. Lost or deleted KitCAD i3 passwords on the Kitchen Pages web server can be re-entered by sending an email (Include a new password, and account email address).

  5. Admin Says:

    KitCAD i3 MediaWiki has Moved

    The updates for KitCAD i3 to use Mediawiki have been paused (or greater time between update checking if one should be made). This is partly because the service at and have been moved to