KitCAD 2 Re-released

The KitCAD 2.27 re-release of 2010 has now been published online along with updated web pages for the new installer process.

The Installer is now a single-install process that is able to manage the install, changes, or removing of KitCAD and KitCAD add-ons.

Included with the re-release 2010 Installer download is KitCAD 1, KitCAD 2.25 2006 with all updates, KitCAD 2.27 v5, 2006 Library Systems, KitCAD 2007 Add-Ons, ClipEd, Shapes, Rpt setup, BDE setup, Object wizards, multi-Lang, Scada/HMIC, and the KitCAD i3 online browser interface.

3 Responses to “KitCAD 2 Re-released”

  1. Admin Says:

    Shortlist of last minute changes to KitCAD2G*.zip

    *fixed rss2kp2.exe richtext bug after 20-Feb-2010
    *fixed BPL and DLL InstallAware script to NOT overwrite pre-insalled copies
    *changed cutup.inf to skip grep.exe commands
    *added msi2.0 to fix installer bugs on systems without MSI2.0
    *Did NOT Change lang.inf from
    (use kitcadi3ie5.exe when updated or notepad.exe to make changes)
    *Did NOT Change lang.inf from
    5002-3www=C:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCADi3\KitCADi3ie5.exe
    (use kitcadi3ie5.exe when updated or notepad.exe to make changes)
    *Corrected registry entries for program icons, and application starts
    *Updated KitCAD 2 RPT-KP2.exe install process (using stand-in exe to start a ghost installer). The current 2010 download for Crystal Reports Viewer 2008 does NOT support RPT files made before version 9. Crystal Reports End-Users will need to re-save the file using Crystal Reports 9 or better.
    *Updated KitCAD 2 Quote.exe to the same as found in KitCAD i3 (fixs quit bug)
    *Updated KitCAD 2 Kp2html.exe to the same as found in KitCAD i3 (more values)
    *Updated KitCAD 2 Compact.bat to prevent file deleting (retired in 2006)
    *Fixed KitCAD 2 cutup.exe cp1.bat for GNU-GREP to remove empty lines from all output
    *Updated KitCAD 2 cutup.exe to use GNU-GREP Win32 2.5.4 (2009 build)
    *Fixed KitCAD 2 cutup.exe config to remove bad lines from pre-grep output for lse353637.kp2
    *Updated SCADA HMI Client lang file (for STATION0)
    *Fixed SCADA scripts, and small ini file bugs in HMI GUI (for STATION0)
    *Updated BDE Installer to install with MSI standards
    *Updated to a new Builder2010 ready version
    *Fixed Missing file of: C:\Kitchen\_KitCADs\OCX\KitCAD2DemoOCX.tlb

  2. Admin Says:

    Previous versions of KitCAD downloads (2007 releases or before) SHOULD be un-installed before installing the 2010 re-release.

    A Un-Installer missing file error may be displayed when removing the 2007 releases (or other versions before) – See Un-Installer file error help for more information

  3. Admin Says:

    KitCAD 2.27 v5 downloads have been retired – See notice for further information