KGC supports Secure Socket Layer

KitCAD KGC now includes support for SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

It is not recomended that administrators employ SSL as client browser catch settings may affect bandwidth management, etc..

The SSL support does not alter the way KGC functions on non-SSL sites, and no changes are required.

Administrators using SSL should modify the javascript statments like location.protocol.indexOf(“http:”) to also scan for https when required (to prevent security issues with loading data from files with KPD file extensions, etc)

KitCADi3 will not include support for SSL on all browser clients simply because it is being run in the public domain (where users can access input and output files).


One Response to “KGC supports Secure Socket Layer”

  1. Admin Says:

    KitCADi3 will be updated to allow SSL after an Indenty User Content system is employed. Currently a contention system is employed where users chance and can fight for server time where only one can win (the other user must simply retrive error, different drawing, or attempt retry after timeout)

    A contention system takes more server time then serving up tracking cookies or generating ssi pages. The proposed solution will use ssi includes that supply user or other ID data….

    Other systems like wiki or blogs can be used to store saved KP2 files (a comment line must seperate <pre> HTML element from the [KitCAD2] line)

    The contention issue also affects rendering output (x3dv|vrml97|vml|svg|wpfe|$$$). Other issues arrise from privacy and security.