DNS changes, 9th-16th July 2007

Due to DNS changes the TLD domain of ‘kitchenpages-net’ will be unavailable for about 72 hours. The expected change in DNS for maintenance will occur from the 9th to around the 16th July 2007.

KitCAD i3 requires KitchenPages.net to output data, and will be affected by the DNS changes for a short time.

2 Responses to “DNS changes, 9th-16th July 2007”

  1. Admin Says:

    DNS changes were performed for ‘kitchenpages-net-dom’ on the 13th July 2007. Changes may take 72 hours to propergate through to all the internet TLD name servers.

    The expected ‘page not found’ errors did not take place

  2. Admin Says:

    September 15th, Expecting to update Name Servers to: ns25.worldnic.com and ns26.worldnic.com. Some delay may be caused for users accessing ‘kitchenpages.net’, no data will be lost.