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BCB 2010 and KitCAD KP.bpl

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

The above image shows the result of modified KitCAD2v5.exe Borland C++ PRO 4 code that is re-compiled with Embarcadero RAD Studio 7.1;  BCB2010.

Currently testing and making new code for transfer of KitCAD code into RAD Studio 7.1;  BCB2010.  Also testing the InstallAware deployment methods. Due Learning curve delay (of none) and a sad lack of time – no new updated EXE files may be deployed before the end of December 2009.

Issues in regards to KitCAD source code fixes for BCB2010 can be seen on (Issue #22 ShellExecute; Issue #23 Application->MessageBox; Issue #24 AnsiString = Varaint; And Issue #25 Char_t = WChar_t)