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Micro Focus Welcomes Borland Customers

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Micro Focus acquires Borland – See the Press Release at []
Previous international suppliers/owners of Borland products included:- CodeGear, and the Imprise Corporation.

The latest editions of Borland C++ Builder can be acquired from

KitCAD i3 URL HASH HttpRequest IO support

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

IE Active X warning dialog

The ENCODED value after a  HASH symbol when given in URL’s (the Fragment Identifier) will be used by KitCADi3ie5.exe (in the download of KitCADi3_file_localhost_test_w32_setup.exe) to remove/disable/avoid the Active X warning dialogs from Data exporting (found when saving, and opening files).

To disable the URL encoded HASH Http Request IO data methods in KitCADi3ie5.exe; edit the file of C:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCADi3\Test\_i3exe.default and change i3exe = true; to be i3exe = false;

Additonal infomation from KitCAD2v5.exe installs is now used by KitCADi3ie5.exe when KitCAD i3 KGC is in 227 mode (screen size, etc). KitCADi3ie5.exe now includes 2 methods to generate data from a HASH Http Request (i3 the default mode, and 227).

To enable 227 mode (requres KitCAD2) open the Option dialog and click the link of Enable KitCAD i3 227 mode.  To change the default startup and pre-set 227 mode as the default, edit the file of C:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCADi3\Test\_i3exe.default and change i3exemode = “i3”; to be i3exemode = “227”;
Then edit the file of C:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCAD\lang.inf (after running KitCADi3ie5.exe, and exit), change the line of 6000-mode=i3 to be 6000-mode=227
After setting the mode to 227 (as above), KitCADi3ie5.exe will use KitCAD 1/2 software where possible (EG: kp2vrml97.exe and quote.exe). 

As example; when KitCADi3ie5.exe navigates to a page that contains an encoded value after the HASH symbol (Fragment Identifier), then action is taken.  The KitCADi3ie5.exe Save function simply adds additional data that is caught by KitCADi3ie5.exe and saved onto a file system.  So when KitCAD i3 web pages (file:// TEST version only) wants to send data to KitCADi3ie5.exe; then the following navigations of a window location fragment identifier can be made by the KitCAD i3 web pages:

document.location.hash = “#KITCADI3_HttpRequestIO_BEGIN”;
document.location.hash = “#AUTHKEY=123467890”;
document.location.hash = “#AUTHPASS=123456”;
document.location.hash = “#ACTION=kp2” ;
document.location.hash = “#Hello%20World%20first%20line%20of%20file” ;
document.location.hash = “#Hello%20Center” ;
document.location.hash = “#Hello%20World%20last%20line” ;
document.location.hash = “#KITCADI3_HttpRequestIO_END”;

Results in the following KP2 file save dialog being shown from KitCADi3ie5.exe when finding the Fragement Identifier of “KITCADI3_HttpRequestIO_END”, to then save the following file data:

Hello World first line of file
Hello Center
Hello World last line

The file may be run, but only if the mime extension/type is reconised by KitCADi3ie5.exe as somewhat safe (no security is enabled). 

The HASH HttpRequest IO support can be programmed into parent frames/windows to be accessed by Javascript, or accessed via KitCADi3ie5.exe.  Only SAVE Active X warnings have been removed by the use of HASH data transfer – there are still 4 Active X warning dialog prompts shown during various loading processes which include:

  • KitCAD i3 227 displays 0 Active X warning dialog (seen during load of KP2, 1 warnings by default).
  • KitCAD i3 KGC displays 1 Active X warning dialogs (seen during load of KP2, 1 or 2 warnings by default when loading the first Object Item).
  • KitCAD i3 _w32foei displays 1 Active X warning dialog (seen after visible objects on 2D view are rendered)

The URL HASH HttpRequest IO stream file save method is a HACK (made possible via the standards track for URL Fragment Identifiers), and is designed to allow Static/Dynamic/Scripted web pages to explode data (and avoid/disable Active-X warning dialogs prompt without $$$, or user Adjustment) – In normal use, the URL#HASH value allows the browser to navigate/scroll around a page if/when anchor text is located.  The HASH HttpRequest IO method is currently ONLY supported by the KitCAD i3 file://localhost/ TEST version when run with KitCADi3ie5.exe.

Deleting mirror host at

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

The mirror host at will no longer be active after September, 2009 (after no letter). Another host will be sort to replace the service after it ends. Web Links to will not work as expected. 🙁

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