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KitCAD i3 Libsys 3.0

Friday, August 29th, 2008


Planning two Major upgrades that may occure over the last few months in 2008 (Began planning mid September for December release):

1] KitCAD i3 Libsys 3.0 to match the 2007 win version of KitCAD 2.27v5 Libsys 3.7 (requires alot of re-editing of WO, FRI, RH, UBO, DW files).

2] Addition of the ‘long awaited’ User option for Adding Library Files (with VRML and EST) to KitCAD i3


ClipEdit2.exe missing benchtop.bmp

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

The BenchTop.bmp file can now be selected to allow editing with the Paint program from the Application Interface of ClipEdit2.exe; The source and installer files (see bug report) were also updated.

Get the updated ClipEdit2.exe :-
Step 1: Download updated zipped archived setup from
Step 2: Remove old version of ClipEdit2.exe; START|CONTROL PANEL|ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS|Remove ClipEdit2.exe (or by using UnInstall.exe – windows 9x/NT4/Me link)
Step 3: Open the file using winzip and press the Install Icon to complete the update.

Note: Windows users that can open ZIP files should Drag the setup.exe file to their desktop before running.

Thanks ‘Mary’ for your feedback.

KitCAD i3 exe deployment test

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Re-Created a test deployment for KitCAD i3 on Windows.



The source builds of KitCAD i3 have been lacking some files required to make the IE5.exe run correctly (see bug report/fix). To correct this issue a download that includes the required files is now ready for testing on differing Windows PC’s.

Title: KitCADi3ie5.exe
Download/s: zipped archived files | setup.exe | zipped archived setup.exe

File Size: 548Kb to 660Kb; Requires: Microsoft Windows 9x with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 sp2; Internet: connection required; CPU: 600Mhz; Screen: 800×600, 256color at 96dpi;

BCB VCL CPP Source files are located at: (54Kb)