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Perl maintenance

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

The Perl scripts have been updated to use compliant code for porting to operating systems other than a Linux box with Apache (with mod_perl.c or perl.exe, and zlib, etc…). The commands of open and print redirect were also modified to include suggested options for various ports the Perl scripts may encounter. Other smaller issues were also corrected. An additional user login security Perl script named kitcadi3_user_id.cgi was added to track user login sessions.

Current version of Perl (fast-cgi) is 5.8.7

The kitcadi3_cgi.conf, build, and Objects cgi files now have the following addition option:

#Change for OS File systems differance
$pathseperator = ‘/’;
$relpath = ‘.’ . $pathseperator;
$parentpath = ‘..’ . $pathseperator;

Note: the prefex of ‘my’ may be applied when needed

3D rendering web server

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Added a PHP5 Pear Image::3D converter for KitCAD i3 users.

To enable the PHP web server rendering that generates a static standard PNG image file; Start KitCAD i3 online, click Options link and select the phpgd option for rendering i/o, and click update.

The PHP Pear Image::3D package (alpha 2006 release) can use 3DSMax files and generate high detail images (with file sizes from a few hundred Kb in seconds to well over 100Mb in under a minute – very kool).

For KitCAD i3 online the images are NOT high detail (sized to 770×360) to conserve PHP memory space (Web server limits of 32Meg) which also allows faster user interaction, refreshing, and image updates.

KitCAD i3 generated VRML97 (WRL file extension) output is saved and converted into a static Image by using the PHP port of the GD Graphics Library through the PHP PEAR interface which manages the package of Image::3D that is called from KitCAD i3 _i3_image3d.php; with a result shown below:

3D webserver

The KitCAD i3 file _i3_image3d.php does have a few bugs; with updates/notes to be posted as comments 🙂

KitCAD i3 account management with Mediawiki

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

A example for Mediawiki 1.6.9 and 1.11.2 log-ins has been added to KitCAD i3. Mediawiki users can change passwords and e-mail account preferances (after KitCAD i3 has been linked into a Mediawiki).

There is an extension to the Mediawiki login screen for OpenID 1.2.3 support (only with PHP5 and Mediawiki 1.11.2) that is not really supported by KitCAD i3 at this time. Changes for OpenID 1.2.3 are made in the Mediawiki extensions Consumer.php file, see

The Mediawiki 1.12.0 example for KitCAD i3 does not have OpenID support.

Example files can be found in the KitCAD i3 mediawiki folder.