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OpenID Consumer Authentication

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

User account access is now possible by OpenID 2.0 and Yadis Authentication Service functions.

Once a user is verified by their OpenID trust provider, the account sign-up and log-in forms are pre-filled with default values.  OpenID users who sign-up are only required to enter the Captcha security code.

KitCADi3 _i3user.htm Passwords are less secure for OpenID generated KitCADi3 accounts because the password and user name is generated from the OpenID uri entered.

*KitCADi3 at does not record infomation from the OpenID responce (such as contact address, age, etc). The term of ‘OpenID Consumer’ refers to the requesting server/computer, that in this case should ALWAYS default to to check only for valid account log-in.  (If the URL is different then the responce XML may be recorded in cache/logs)

The PHP scripts used to access OpenID / Yadis can be found at :-

pre 2009 was

More information about OpenID can be found at:


Other Domain names supported

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

The config file of kitcadi3_tld.conf has been added to allow multiple domains (g/TLD) .
For example the domain of, if used, would direct all CGI files to use the config file named “0000_kitcadi3_cgi.conf” instead.

The kitcadi3_tld.conf config option does NOT alter static URL found in web pages at this time.

For more inforamtion review the kitcadi3_tld.conf file.

Updated KitCAD i3 options dialog

Friday, February 8th, 2008

The KitCAD i3 Options and ClipEd dialogs have been updated to allow User Preference storage Save function for signed-in accounts.

The Options dialog User Preferences allows YUI and DHTML method settings to function correctly by presenting a display, from the KitCAD i3 framed file manager to the framed file editing with new_drawing.html.

The ClipEd dialog (Colour Style – 3D Options) also now allows signed-in users to Save colour scheme preferances.

The updated KitCAD i3 Options and ClipEd dialogs have not been fully tested at this time and may be updated again to fix errors, or bugs.