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Changes to KGraphicControl.js

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

The KGraphicControl.js file has been updated to allow all-in-one downloads of scripts (cuts header sizes, get requests, etc). This new function requires CGI with other server based programs to operate.

The catche folder for all-in-one files is located at

Files in the /build/ sub-directory are named according to the scripts merged. The file 111111001111110.js loads KGraphicControl 2D with Array input. The file of 000000000000000.js allows for script taste testing (to see if file can be read). Additional scripts change the file name to include letters (not further numbers, as below)

The filename 0’s and 1’s are listed below, in order from start to end:
(start ./ )
param($systobj); # = 1
param($Execption); # = 1
param($TApplication); # = 1
param($windows); # = 1
param($TForm); # = 1
param($TCanvas); # = 1
param($sysutils); # = 100 || 010 || 001
param($vcl); # = 1
param($math); # = 1
param($inifiles); # = 1
param($KGraphicControl); # = 10 || 11
param($KGraphicControl3D); # = 1 (end, a-z).js /.gz

The various codes for sysutils and KGraphicControl are listed below:
param($sysutils); # = 100 for Internet || 010 for localhost || 001 for array
param($KGraphicControl); # = 10 for KGraphicControl_h.js || 11 for KGraphicControl_h.js and KGraphicControl_cpp.js

To enable all-in-one loading modify the scripting to be like the following code;
<script type=”text/javascript”> var cheeze = “”; var kgcbootcgi = “0”; </script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”./compact/getz.js.gz”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”./build/kitcadi3_boot.cgi”></script>
type=”text/javascript”  src=”./TObject/TPersistent/TComponent/TControl/TGraphicControl/KGraphicControl.js”></script>


KitCAD i3 get.cgi KPD files from another server

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Support for KPD from another server has been added into KitCADi3 get.cgi, no option exists to change from the defaults within KitCADi3 at this time.

As an example for using an extra 1Gb of space at MS SkyDrive the get.cgi URI could be like: …

No JSON files were uploaded at this time (thus j=0, and mine-type KPD in the URI above).

Security is enabled in KitCAD i3 get.cgi and only files from authorised hosts are permitted. The requestor IP address and host refer meta are visible in get.cgi output when using a non-default host.

More information on get.cgi in the get.cgi – SDK document/s.

YUI and KitCAD i3 JavaScript

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

The Yahoo! User Interface Library – known as YUI version 2.4.0 is now being used in KitCAD i3 for control and appearance of webform2 dialog boxes.

See for more information about YUI.

The footprint for YUI in the KitCADi3 new_drawing.html bottom page frame is around 45Kb with GZ compression, or 125Kb without GZ compression. The YUI files are not included in KitCADi3 setup downloads – See the YUI files used in KitCADi3 at
NOTE: For improved security, only parts of YUI library are uploaded to KitCADi3 server.

A idle downloader will be put into the Index.html file at a later date, if possible.