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KGC exports data to WPF/e

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Support for data export by KGC to generate wpf/e in XAML has been enabled within KGC TCanvas.js

Using the Canvas boot functions of Canvas.wpfe00(); or Canvas.wpfe10(); will allow KGC to create wpf/e or Silverlight compliant xaml.  The function of Canvas.wpfe10(); supports exporting to Silverlight Beta 1.0 (aghost version 0.9.0) viewers of xaml.  Previous version support for wpf/e feb 2007 (aghost version 0.8.5 or below) may be removed at a later date.

As noted: During install of Silverlight Beta 1.0 on XP sp2 ie7 an error was reported (number 3010?); The error was in regards to restarting the system before Silverlight use, shut down, dialup, lol… 🙂