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KitCAD 2 Re-released

Friday, February 5th, 2010

The KitCAD 2.27 re-release of 2010 has now been published online along with updated web pages for the new installer process.

The Installer is now a single-install process that is able to manage the install, changes, or removing of KitCAD and KitCAD add-ons.

Included with the re-release 2010 Installer download is KitCAD 1, KitCAD 2.25 2006 with all updates, KitCAD 2.27 v5, 2006 Library Systems, KitCAD 2007 Add-Ons, ClipEd, Shapes, Rpt setup, BDE setup, Object wizards, multi-Lang, Scada/HMIC, and the KitCAD i3 online browser interface.

KitCAD 2.27v5 iupdate.exe upgrade tests

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Released v5iupdate.php for testing with previous versions of KitCAD 2; and iupdate.exe.

The new v5iupdate.php file archiver is to replace the static archive system that iupdate.exe uses to aquire new archived/non-archived object items for KitCAD1/2 library systems.  v5iupdate.php only includes support for the Zip archive method of exporting KitCAD KPD object items.

The source code for v5iupdate.php and i3iupdate.php will be released at a later date (included with KitCAD i3 KGC Libsys).

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ClipEdit2.exe missing benchtop.bmp

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

The BenchTop.bmp file can now be selected to allow editing with the Paint program from the Application Interface of ClipEdit2.exe; The source and installer files (see bug report) were also updated.

Get the updated ClipEdit2.exe :-
Step 1: Download updated zipped archived setup from
Step 2: Remove old version of ClipEdit2.exe; START|CONTROL PANEL|ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS|Remove ClipEdit2.exe (or by using UnInstall.exe – windows 9x/NT4/Me link)
Step 3: Open the file using winzip and press the Install Icon to complete the update.

Note: Windows users that can open ZIP files should Drag the setup.exe file to their desktop before running.

Thanks ‘Mary’ for your feedback.