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A link posted by user claiming to be of “IP: ,” titled “Rolling Resource Freeware CAD Packages”

The reviewer downloaded and tried several packages as follows 

  • Autodesk Design Review 2007.
  • Autodesk Design Review 2008.
  • A9Tech.
  • AllyCAD from South Africa.
  • bCAD.
  • KitCAD.
  • Solid Edge 2D from Britain.
  • TurboCAD Learning Edition.
  • WinCAD.

Blogging that the worst packages included KitCAD


In reply for this blog – KitCAD 1/2 was written around 1998-2001 with support to 2005 that ran on w32 i586 processors; was ported to ActiveX for faster bigger processors, and ported again this year into compatable JavaScript 3 code. 

It is an achievement to be voted worst in a list of Commercial Professional Tools.
The download version of KitCAD could always be better, along with the KitCAD ideal experience;

Feedback is welcome (send via contact link, top right corner). The KitCAD interface is upgrading every two years, on average as a result of the KitCADi3 ideal to seek 3rd party software products replacements for KitCAD1/2 interfaces or functions.

Download Version of KitCAD Includes: KitCAD1, KitCAD2, 2v5->i3.

I thank Richard for his time and comment.
Jason 🙂

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