BCB 2010 and KitCAD KP.bpl

The above image shows the result of modified KitCAD2v5.exe Borland C++ PRO 4 code that is re-compiled with Embarcadero RAD Studio 7.1;  BCB2010.

Currently testing and making new code for transfer of KitCAD code into RAD Studio 7.1;  BCB2010.  Also testing the InstallAware deployment methods. Due Learning curve delay (of none) and a sad lack of time – no new updated EXE files may be deployed before the end of December 2009.

Issues in regards to KitCAD source code fixes for BCB2010 can be seen on kitcad.googlecode.com (Issue #22 ShellExecute; Issue #23 Application->MessageBox; Issue #24 AnsiString = Varaint; And Issue #25 Char_t = WChar_t)


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  1. Admin Says:

    Updated GNU-KitCAD.zip to a more stable 2010 BCB ready source.
    BCB 2010 Compile time was 9m:50s with some new code additions that have not been included in GNU-KitCAD.zip at this time.

    GNU-KitCAD.zip; Fixed Missing file:

    The following are bugs for 2010 BCB builds from GNU-KitCAD.zip

    UTF Char symbols shown, instead of text:

    Unresolved external (‘floor’) error at [ILINK32]:

    Package / Software needs major upgrades, these projects were removed from 2010 BCB re-compile:
    C:\Kitchen\_KitCADs\Tools\Updater http\kpu.exe

  2. Admin Says:

    Uploaded C++ Builder 3/4/5/6/2010 source code and 2010 fixs into GNU-KitCAD.zip

    The former version (is not required) can still be downloaded but is titled GNU-KitCAD2009.zip – note that no 2010 fixs were applied.

    Tested 90% with C++ Builder 2010. Some source code has not been upgraded from C++ Builder 4, but may be upgraded at a later date (with changes being made to GNU-KitCAD.zip).

    GNU-KitCAD.zip 2010 was NOT tested with C++ Builder 1/2/3/4, 5/6, 7/2008/2009

  3. Admin Says:

    Updated 2010 versions of KitCADi3ie5.exe (updated source has not been uploaded yet) and KitCAD2DemoOCX2010.ocx are being tested.

    KitCADi3ie5.exe 2010 should be released during early 2010

  4. Admin Says:

    Updated the *.cbproj file final output directory locations
    Updated and fixed incorrect current directory [cd] bugs in copymade2010 batch file.
    Fixed copymade2010.bat commands for dfm, htmld, and other file copy errors.
    Updated the readme2010.pdf to include help for the copymade2010 batch file.
    Updated the TKitCAD250::KitCAD250 form for correct display of KitCAD2.exe and KitCAD2v5.exe interfaces (not OCX tested).

  5. Admin Says:

    Change of Installer to comply with license conditions of a BDE deploy (requires use of valid MSI to configure settings in default idapi32.cfg, or other *.cfg that existing BDE deployment uses).

    After some hours of looking – searching – wondering why?!?… Anyway.. Have aquired a working merge module of the BDE_???.MSM (v5.2) mmscript for the MSI based InstallAware 7. The BDE_PRO.MSM|BDE_ENT.MSM file/s can be found on DVD (in Drive D) at D:\RADStudio1\Info\BDEMergeModule\en\BDE_PRO.Msm (Other language selections of DE, FR, and JP were also included on the DVD – MSM files differ with license version, PRO or ENT – KitCAD will only install the PRO version). A ENT version may exist in the CBuilder 2010 installs at something like C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\{5D2A2660-61FD-4FE8-A1DB-7338B81FFFF8}\borland database engine professional english\mFileBagIDE.dll\bag\BDE_ENT.Msm (other versions also exist, see subfolders under 5D2A2660-61FD-4FE8-A1DB-7338B81FFFF8 for BDEPro,, and 5.1.0,4)

    Then found a copy of BDEMMCFG.EXE to create the BDEMERGE.INI ( file from downloads at torry.net (or checkout the BDE_ENT.MSN above for the version of BDEMERGE.INI that is used for install of CBuilder 2010 examples).

    29 files (7.81Mb in total) are deployed via InstallAware 7 Deployment|Module page with the BDE Merge Module installer default target of {E966F0EA-76B3-11D3-945B-00C04FB1760A}. The installed BDE admin GUI is titled bdeadmin.exe ( / 5.0.1) for end users, and is the default BDE interface for end users to modify database Alias, Driver, and System setup (found at $COMMONFILES$/Borland Shared/BDE/). Other BDE software like bdecfg32.exe ( to, bdecfg.exe, and dllswp32.exe is/will not be included.

    The configured BDEMERGE.INI file for KitCAD BDE Alias databases (default idapi32.cfg or *.cfg merge settings) is installed via the Setup Architecture|files to $ALLAPPDATA$<InstallAware|Project Properties|Revision Code>\BDEMERGE.INI (which is the same as the MSI, mia.lib, and is required for BDE_???.MSM to work correctly and configure the default BDE idapi32.cfg/*.cfg file). Note that the Product Code is NOT the location of the MSI, but instead Revision Code is the correct MSI file location. See the InstallAware 7 fine print hint text under the Revision Code – Also Clear the change revision code automaticly upon rebuild box in the Project|Project Settings|Output (or SHIFT+CTRL+F11|Output). The $ALLAPPDATA$ value should target the MACHINE at something like C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ (note the trailing slash).

    The final result (image below), BDEMERGE.INI installed by/for/with Project1.MSI as required :-

    BDE MERGE result


    Creating BDEMERGE.INI can also be performed using BDEMERGE.HTM (v1.0)

    Post-Install; An automated management of the default *.cfg for database Alias is performed by the native Delphi/Builder methods (seen at http://info.borland.com/devsupport/bde/bdeapiex/). A pre-compiled console version that simply works, and adds database Alias to the default *.cfg is simply titled ‘AddAlias.exe’ and can be found via http://www.jrsoftware.org/iskb.php?bde (AddAlias.exe can be found in the INNO-Setup Knowledge Base pages via the FAQ|BDE section).

    Special thanks to all those above, along with the InstallAware community and Embarcadero community for posting up many example/question/s in past years. Online media turned 3 years into only 3 hours of learning 🙂

    Could not use Embarcadero QC this time because it wanted to take 5 minutes before dropping questions on 42kb (slow Internet) – there is better help provided on QC.

    PS: MYSQL users (and this website) have an up-coming issue or two; See http://www.helpmysql.org and Sign onto Monty’s Help-MySQL petition.

  6. Admin Says:

    Continued from previous post

    Field testing InstallAware setups of KitCAD2G*.exe 2010 installers of previous KitCAD i386 BCB4 builds.

    XP tested ok.. (the KitCAD2G*.exe NT/XP installer need less tweaks – but has failed to run on NT4SP6 so far)

    In the win95/98 *.mia scripts the FOLDER of

    Need to play more.. Will look at changing the BDE revision code path string (the whole sting above) to use something like the mia script value of $REVISIONCODE$ – But; As found by Adding BDEMERGE.INI via InstallAware CREATIVE (same place where index.html goes) fixes these issues on 9x. Also will include single folder values of $ENGINECACHE$, $DATADIR$, and $EXEDIR$ (download catche, msi database file dir, and installer root directory).

    NOTES: To make $ENGINECACHE$, $DATADIR$, $EXEDIR$ system folders; Open a project and select Setup Archtitecture|Files; Add any files to the project; Then right-click the added Target Files and select edit; Change the Target Folder by entering the text of $EXEDIR$, or as desired (see next post for adding the payload). The actual runtime $ENGINECACHE$, $DATADIR$, and $EXEDIR$ folder names are unknown at design time, and differ from win9x to XP, Vista, etc.

    Bug starts: 9x, One of many , these take time to remove…

    The 9x Bug image above is titled Error 1406, and is caused from the file titled wc2dp_1800w*.kpd; Admin rights/missing rights/missing file/missing key…

    The installer project feature components need a remake for retesting on different platforms.

    Win95 MSI File Paths from Log:-

    ENGINECACHE = C:\Program Files\Common Files\{RevisionCode}
    DATADIR = C:\Program Files\Common Files\{RevisionCode}


  7. Admin Says:

    Error 1406 is said to be many things; Registry, Memory, file count, MSI configs, etc.. However in this case it turns out from repeated testing that using actual file-names in a FEATURE via an InstallAware project seemed to of caused this error. Removing files added using file names resulted in having less error messages on win9x. (The ‘FEATURE’ allows a dialog that permits users an option to configure icon tree list section of installed programs/function)

    Files added to the InstallAware exe project tests of KitCAD 2010 releases with the wild card of *.* worked. Installed, registered, and completed correctly on win9x (apart from the blue CD icon thingie, picture color being inverted; 24Bit).

    This means another project test will be created (that has better chance to support 9x and NT), developed, and tested.

  8. Admin Says:

    The Test project also has layout/design issues.. Another reason for a re-build..

    The Microsoft WindowsInstaller 3.0 web media block seamlessly downloads and installs the Windows Installer runtime, if it is not found on the target system. Similarly, the Microsoft .NET Framework2.0 web media block downloads and installs the .NET Framework. Files added to the setup using the Feature Independent are included with the main installer file — allowing the installer to always install those files, even if an Internet connection is unavailable.“; Text from InstallAware 2007 help titled ‘To Deploy Microsoft .NET Framework Applications‘.

  9. Admin Says:

    ReMade 9x and NT installers. Split the Registry and the Library System files into 2 smaller installers that are run from the main MSI installer setup.
    ReTested on 95, 98, and NT4 without problems.

    KitCAD InstallAware NT4 installer requires NT4 Service Pack 6 with IE6 or better.
    KitCAD InstallAware 9x installer requires and includes the MSI2.0 installer.

    Currently setting up for Testing a deployment on ME, 2K, XP, Vista….

    Image above: Windows 98 installer, showing the Internet Options details page that once included a VRML viewer….

  10. Admin Says:

    KitCAD2v5.exe and BDE are frozen, or will not start; And No Alert Message is generated to inform the end user.

    To FIX: Ensure the Display Driver has at least 256 Colors or better display.

    See edn:20330 for a full description of the issue.

    InstallAware can be set to check Display Color depth (8Bit, 16Bit, 24Bit, or 32Bit) and Display Screen size (640×480 up to 1920×1440). However – KitCAD Install’s MUST have No Hardware restriction requirement by default which allows the most amount of installer access accross many Windows machines.

    Display adapters with at least 256 colours are required to run:

    All KitCAD applications that require access to a Output device (such as a printer); will generate a Alert message to inform the end-user (Win32 error 123). A ‘generic text printer’ can be added using the Add Printer wizard via Control panel printers.

  11. Admin Says:

    Tested ME, 2K, and updated installer project for operating systems with XP or better.

    Have started uploading and testing web package files for installers (using KitCAD 2.27) before uploading single exe/msi end-user zip archived download files, and making changes to online web pages.

    2K NOTES: Installing option of ‘Just Me’ on 2K Systems with domain login’s, and local computer user login’s resulted in Start Menu Program Icons being created under the local computer user account instead of the logged-in domain user account (see XP notes). The installing options are pre-set; With the 2K installing option for ‘All Users’ is pre-set to install at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\$STARTMENU$\

    XP NOTES: The XP/2K Installing option of ‘Just Me’ is pre-set to install at C:\Documents and Settings\$USERNAME$\Start Menu\Programs\$STARTMENU$\ by default. With 2K and XP installers the $USERNAME$ may differ from actual known local computer user accounts.

  12. Admin Says:

    Uploaded, downloaded, tested in house..

    Will make minor changes to the KitCAD2 download page to include new archive links for the re-release titled KitCAD2G (un-signed)

    The KitCAD Versions made using VCL40 are titled as :- KitCAD2G9x (95/98/ME) for NT +3.5 or better; KitCAD2GNT (NT4) for NT 4.0 or better; KitCAD2G2k (2k) for NT 5.0; KitCAD2GX (XP/2003/Vista/7) for NT 5.1 or better.

    Another re-release will be made at a later date to include option for 386/586/686 processors, with 9x digital signature, using VCL140 support files (only for XP, NT 5.1, Vista or better).

    The current Links for the previous installer of KitCAD2F and the many updates will remain for users who don’t want the full 18-15Meg download.

  13. Admin Says:

    Started re-make of KitCAD free downloads web page, installer guide (in same style as KitCAD i3 download installer help), and guide graphics.

  14. Admin Says:

    Finished major re-editing of KitCAD free downloads web page, finished making installer guide, and graphic or other files. Smaller changes like Bug fixing and error notices will be added to files over time (without notice).

    Uploaded many of the changed files – but need to find time and make changes ready to go online (before end of week, or 15th)

  15. Admin Says:

    Finished last minute testing of the KitCAD2GX archive.

    Making further changes to the new help guide for the KitCAD2G*.zip 2.27 installer 2010 re-releases.

    Also making changes to upgrade previous KitCAD2F.zip 2.25 installer 2007 releases of the online help titled Setup.html – Guide.html – config.html – Kpup.html – Kpu.html – codekey.eml

  16. Admin Says:

    Made changes to the XMLRSS.7zip archive (40/45 versions) to correct output of rss2kp2.exe being RICHTEXT (lines with par /).

    Added finishing code to Zip archive maker (powered by the PHP PERL ARCHIVE package).

  17. Admin Says:

    Updated GNU-KitCAD.zip

    Small revision of the Readme.pdf document which now includes a MSBuild instruction.

    Fixed bugs in kpd2bmp BCB4/RAD2010 link sections. Corrected kpd2bmp ilink resource errors in BCB4/RAD2010; And Re-added the kpd2bmp.cbproj back into the KitchenPages – KitCad2.groupproj file.