64-bit C++ Developers

The long awaited 64bit C++Builder compiler for program developers is now available from Embarcadero.com

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  1. Admin Says:

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    No major changes are required for KitCAD project source code – The KP.bpl can be made, built, and installed into the XE3 C++ package component Tool Palette under the group heading of KitchenPages.

    See: Migrating C++Builder Code to 64-bits part 1 if defined(_Windows) && defined(_WIN32) || defined(_WIN64), and part 2 notes change of obj/lib 8.3 file extensions to be o/l.

  2. Admin Says:

    KitCADi3ie5*.exe and night build (un-signed) for file versions of – includes support for testing if x86 or x64 Program Files directories exist. Results are written to a file called /Kitchen/KitCADi3/test/_i3x86x64.js if found. KitCADi3ie5.exe | KitCADi3ie5.exe.manifest (32bit)

    Other un-signed 32bit build versions can be found at KitCADi3ie5_CGCB6.exe KitCADi3ie5_CGCB7.exe KitCADi3ie5_CGCB2009.exe KitCADi3ie5_ECB2010.exe KitCADi3ie5_ECBXE.exe KitCADi3ie5_ECBXE2.exe KitCADi3ie5_ECBXE3.exe KitCADi3ie5_ECBXE3M8.exe

    NOTE: The current compiled 6,7,9,10,XE,XE2,XE3,XE3FM,XE3M8 Manifest file reference does not use the exe application names shown above; only the original exe application name of KitCADi3ie5.exe is supported. The XE3M8 Manifest is currently set to INVOKER.

  3. Admin Says:

    Compiled a modified C++ source code version for KitCADi3ie5.exe (x64) and configured the KitCADi3ie5.cbproj file to create 64bit exe files (including when the Win32.profile is selected). No public release is planed at this time; During run time testing a Direct 3D error was encountered after clicking on the current IE control.

    x64 compile time errors were corrected during first trial compiles – only 4 errors were generated; caused by using former int as TColor value.

    x64 run time errors were also corrected; The IE control is now a child of a TPanel control so it could re-size. The IE control (created for IE5) was compiled using IE8. The fix uses rvalues for properties (which throws error in 32bit compiles) so it will be re-written at a later date, after more testing.

    64-bit C++ Source code Download link: ie5.5sp2_XE3_64.zip Download

    NOTE: the built file/s from source/example are not refined for public deployment/use

  4. Admin Says:

    Updated the ie5.5sp2_XE3_64.zip archive (above) to include Kp2html.exe; Removed previously set deployment profiles from KitCADi3ie5.cbproj and Kp2html.cbproj targets to allow the build (not deployment) of x86/x64 versions on either x86/x64 machines using the MSBuild process as executed by XE3. To build C++ w32 (16/32bit) versions requires a version of CBuilder 4, or lower. The CBuilder versions of 6 and above use delphi (16/32/64bit), Vb/.Net, and MSBuild processes.

    The required KGraphicControl.cpp/.h files for building Kp2html.exe can be located in the GNU-KitCAD.zip archive.

    See 64bit build issues for more information on changes/updates.

    NOTE: To prevent error of missing kp.bpl; The Kp2html.exe must be built at C:\Kitchen\_KitCADs\Tools\kp2html\binx64\Kp2html.cbproj

  5. Admin Says:

    Rebuilt and then updated KitCADi3ie5 64-bit source code in the ie5.5sp2_XE3_64.zip archive; See Issue 71, comment 14

    Download link: Inital release notice

    PS: the Active-X security dialog is back 🙁

  6. Admin Says:

    Test KitCADi3ie5 64 bit version (with Active-X security dialog for file:// scheme)

    un-signed 64bit build TEST versions can be found at :- KitCADi3ie5_ECBXE3W64.exe

  7. Admin Says:

    End of product support notice – see notice for more information.

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