3D rendering web server

Added a PHP5 Pear Image::3D converter for KitCAD i3 users.

To enable the PHP web server rendering that generates a static standard PNG image file; Start KitCAD i3 online, click Options link and select the phpgd option for rendering i/o, and click update.

The PHP Pear Image::3D package (alpha 2006 release) can use 3DSMax files and generate high detail images (with file sizes from a few hundred Kb in seconds to well over 100Mb in under a minute – very kool).

For KitCAD i3 online the images are NOT high detail (sized to 770×360) to conserve PHP memory space (Web server limits of 32Meg) which also allows faster user interaction, refreshing, and image updates.

KitCAD i3 generated VRML97 (WRL file extension) output is saved and converted into a static Image by using the PHP port of the GD Graphics Library through the PHP PEAR interface which manages the package of Image::3D that is called from KitCAD i3 _i3_image3d.php; with a result shown below:

3D webserver

The KitCAD i3 file _i3_image3d.php does have a few bugs; with updates/notes to be posted as comments 🙂

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  1. Admin Says:

    Rotations are ‘disabled’ (really, incorrect) and will be ‘enabled’ soon (which still means there may be bugs)

  2. Admin Says:

    Colours supported are Red, Green, and Blue.
    Red is used for benchtops. Green doors, and Blue pannels.
    Black is shown for ‘any’ unknown changes.

  3. Admin Says:

    Updated _i3_image3d.php Stats report, drawing position, and Rotations maths… then re-tested 45 and 315 rotations using KitCAD i3..

    Using a magic number sum of -RotationValue * 57.29868993421
    (the ‘-‘ sign in PHP math reverses neg/pos, so -0.7 becomes +0.7)

  4. Admin Says:

    Updated _i3_image3d.php to use a random+time generated image URL (../kitcadi3.png?random.time) that can ensure browsers catch a unique copy of every image (catche ‘should’ still save as a single file name). The catche no refresh bug can be corrected by using headers but would require 3 files to be re-edited, tested, uploaded, etc. Another option is to change the image URL to use another CGI/PHP script to fetch the file (extra cost).

    This issue was caused by a change to the root folder .htaccess file which had un-intended affects, one of which is temp file catche.

  5. Admin Says:

    Upgraded _i3_image3d.php to use DynamicCanvas, ImageCanvas, SVGControl, and PNG ImageMagick.

    Internet Explorer JScript does not display the Dynamic Control (worked with Chrome|Safari|Firefox-Mozilla JavaScript, Opera worked with the SVG Conrtol output).

    DynamicCanvas.php aka Dynamic Control may write warning messages in the HTML header section of the returned webpage. To fix Copy js files from the directoy of:

  6. Admin Says:

    Added Google Chrome Frame (GCF) Plug-in support, and corrected bug with XAMPP/WAMPP2 versions; See updates for IE and GCF

  7. Admin Says:

    Upgraded KitCAD i3 KGC X3DOM rendering option, see release notice.

  8. Admin Says:

    Updated and tested Pear package Image_3D 0.4.1 (alpha) to 0.4.2 (alpha).

    See online service – update notice and Image_3d change log for more information.

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