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Below are images of various hardcopy document print examples that were created with KitCAD software applications. Click on links to view original size *

KitCAD i3 KGC generated documents:

Web server supporting HTML4.01/XHTML1.0/HTML5 standards is used to generate documents.

Web server and other employed backends can be used to generate documents.

KitCAD i3 KGC rX generated documents:

Web browser supporting HTML5 standards is used to generate documents. The KitCAD i3 KGC rX standalone web page was released in 2014 and was designed to remove the requirement of a online Internet connection or reconnection to the Web server when generating a document - saving - and reopening saved files.

Web browser supporting HTML5 standards is used to generate cutting lists for various Computer Language Encodings/Decodings, Text formats, CNC formats and GCoded output.

  • CutUp Machine-It, for KitCAD ( PDF | XPS )

Preview KitCAD, demonstration : 3D renderings

KitCAD web site and software application downloads :

Related programs see:

The graphic above was pre-rendered using JavaScripts from the online KitCADi3 version releases of 2007 which works with Internet Web Browsers, and accross operating systems.

* DENOTES : The drawing images displayed above, in documents, or in full size have been converted from the original; They are not the same quality.

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